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Founded in 2002 as a non-profit organization with a mission to create, implement, and facilitate programs to help disadvantaged youth and adults in pursuing educational opportunities through resources and partnerships, the Sharon K Pacheco Foundation a/k/a SKP Foundation was formed in memory of its namesake.

Faced with difficult life circumstances, Sharon Pacheco dropped out of high school prior to her junior year to become a full-time teenage mother.  After quitting school, she learned the value of education and always regretted the decision not to finish high school.  As she raised her family, she promoted learning and academic achievement, encouraging her children to not make the same mistake she made by playing a critical role in their pursuit of higher learning. 

After graduating from college, her son, Leo Pacheco, decided to “give back” to his greatest influence by supporting her in pursuing her General Education Diploma (G.E.D.) in order to close the chapter she longed to finish.  Although, by that point in her life, she had overcome many challenges and started her own very successful business, she agreed to pursue this opportunity with Leo as her mentor.

A few weeks prior to taking the test for her G.E.D., Sharon Pacheco was tragically killed in an auto accident, along with her mother.  Leo was the driver of the vehicle they were traveling in before being overcome by carbon monoxide fumes and going over the side of a mountain.  As she died in his arms, Leo promised his mother that he would never forget her and she would never be forgotten.

In fulfillment of that promise, the Sharon K Pacheco Foundation was formed.  Based on her dedication and commitment to helping children and youth pursue academic achievement, her avid love for books and literacy, and her striving desire to help adults learn financial literacy, the Foundation exists to provide opportunities Mrs. Pacheco was unable to pursue in her lifetime.  The Foundation is her legacy.


In 2015, the Foundation relocated to central Florida with headquarters in Ocala.

In Loving Memory

Our mission is to Create, Implement, and Facilitate programs to help disadvantaged youth and adults in pursuing educational opportunities through resources and partnerships.

This includes assisting in the creation, development, implementation, and administration of educational and academic programs, academies, or other educational opportunities to benefit disadvantaged youth and adults; making grants to further elementary, middle school, and high school educational programs and mutually beneficial adult education programs through charitable activities, schools, churches, etc. recognized under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code; and creating opportunities for community involvement and improvement through academic and educational outreach.


  • Achievement

  • Responsibility

  • Investment

  • Service

  • Empowerment

A.R.I.S.E. is more than just an acronym.  It symbolizes the call to action for those who are disadvantaged and feel defeated, deflated, and destroyed by life choices or circumstances.  It's a call to take responsibility and rise up from the ashes of life.  

Our goal is to help others Achieve success, learn how to become Responsible for their own lives by Investing in educational and academic programs and resources, and then teaching that through Service in their community and sharing their time, talent, treasure, and touch, they become Empowered to impact the world!

The red rose was not only Sharon Pacheco's favorite flower, it symbolized faith, family, and freedom - values she cherished dearly and promoted.

The Foundation bearing her namesake has adopted the rose crest as a reminder of her values and her belief that every individual is uniquely designed by God with specific qualities, talents, and skills to make the world a better place.

Mrs. Pacheco also shared the love of country and was a devout patriot who loved our military members and their families.  As such, the rose represents the honor and dignity displayed by their acts of courage - something she greatly defended as the daughter of a WWII veteran. 

Gold was selected to represent her rich legacy and the value she placed on education and service to others.


The vision of the SKP Foundation is to create, implement, and support educational programs for disadvantaged youth and adults. 


This may include providing or sponsoring after-school programs and partnering with local school districts, independent learning facilities, and private schools to supplement their activities by offering financial literacy, life skills, health-based initiatives, literary programs, financial and academic support.

Independent academies may be erected to provide adult learning and family support programs and initiatives, as well.  This may include charter schools with a specific focus on academic achievement, life skills, and family support.

A family environment that understands the importance of education is a positive and rich home where children can achieve greater academic success and become productive contributors to society as a whole.

Parental support and participation are extremely important to children's academic achievement and development.  Parents who lack education find it difficult to support their children in achieving higher standards of learning.

Our programs and services work with families to help them advance their own education in order to become positive role models and educational influencers for their children.  

This includes raising up volunteer mentors to help support single-parent families, as well.

Common life skills are severely lacking in America.  While schools are now focusing more attention on academic curriculum, there is a rapid decline in teaching important life skills such as:

  • Literacy (ability to read and write)

  • Financial Education

  • Trade Skills

  • Community Service

  • Parenting & Family Values

  • Home Management

  • Healthy Living

  • and more!

Our programs are designed to help youth and adults learn basic life skills that are required for successful living.