What is Financial Education and Why is it Important?

When people hear the term, "Financial Literacy," they seldom understand what exactly that term means. To break it down, financial literacy is the understanding and knowledge of financial matters and consumer education that impacts every single person, even from an early age. Financial literacy is the first step in overall financial and consumer education, much like learning how to read is the basic first step to understanding communication. Our financial literacy and consume

New Programs Announced for 2019

Include Family and Financial Literacy, G.E.D. programs (September 4, 2018) The Sharon K Pacheco Foundation is thrilled to announce new programs coming after the new year to help disadvantaged youth and families. The programs will include both family and financial education, and assistance with G.E.D. completion. Family literacy will include parent education programs to help increase reading proficiency among both youth and adults. The program will incorporate the latest in