Family Literacy 

What is Family Literacy?

Often called "inter-generational literacy," it simply means adults and children learning together!  Often tied to reading, writing, and comprehension of literary works, family literacy is a positive and productive way to help create special bonds between parents and their children through literary activities.  

Family literacy programs provide holistic approaches to education of both youth and adults by identifying literacy strengths and needs in the family, recognizing the parent's influence in helping their children achieve academic success, and promoting parent involvement in their children's education.

The Challenges We Address

  • Language Barriers are a common issue when English is not a primary language spoken in the home.  Our Family Literacy program offer bilingual options, as well as courses in teaching English as a secondary language (ESL).

  • Lack of Adult Literacy and formal education creates frustration and challenges for parents who do not feel equipped or capable of helping their children learn.  Through our program, we help parents become better readers and learners, while providing them additional resources for family learning.

  • False Perceptions that family literacy is archaic and boring often leave people thinking our program is nothing more than a lecture-style book club.  In fact, we make learning exciting and fun by incorporating projects and lessons that engage other senses and tools!  This changes perception and creates an interest and desire to learn more!

  • Technological Resources are quickly replacing printed materials, but our program uses technology to our advantage by incorporating the use of technology, applications, and software programs into our learning capability.  This opens a whole new world to those who may be "technologically challenged," while exciting today's youth who are tech savvy!


Family Literacy classes will be starting soon.  Be sure to check back for scheduling and to reserve your spot in this FREE, community-based learning program for teens and adults.

Spanish speaking courses coming, too!