Financial Education 

Did you know...

83% of students believe financial literacy and money management courses should be mandatory in school!

75% of adults say they are financially stressed!

65% of Americans cannot pass a basic financial literacy test!

55% of adults (including six-figure income earners) say saving is a problem!

Financial Illiteracy...

  • Creates financial stress and decreases individual health!

  • Is a leading cause in the decline of family and marital relationships!

  • Limits an individual's ability to secure basic needs and increases the risk of homelessness!

  • Drains public resources, restricts economic growth, and negatively impacts business profitability!


Literacy in Financial Education (L.I.F.E.) is a program started by the Sharon K Pacheco Foundation, in partnership with leading financial educators, to combat the growing problem of financial illiteracy in our communities.  The hands-on, project-based learning program teaches individuals how to master everyday financial skills by learning about such topics as budgeting, debt management, insurance, banking, investing, making major purchases, credit, and basic consumer economics.

The goal of L.I.F.E. is to equip youth and adults with the tools and resources to help them not only become self-sufficient, but create greater opportunities for financial sustainability well into their future.


L.I.F.E. classes will be starting soon.  Be sure to check back for scheduling and to reserve your spot in this FREE, community-based learning program for teens and adults.

Spanish speaking courses coming, too!