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New Programs Announced for 2019

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Include Family and Financial Literacy, G.E.D. programs

(September 4, 2018) The Sharon K Pacheco Foundation is thrilled to announce new programs coming after the new year to help disadvantaged youth and families. The programs will include both family and financial education, and assistance with G.E.D. completion.

Family literacy will include parent education programs to help increase reading proficiency among both youth and adults. The program will incorporate the latest in technological advancement, eBooks, applications, and printed books to expand vocabulary, phonics, and comprehension.

Financial education programs are key to every day living and self-sufficiency. Nearly 80% of Americans say they live paycheck-to-paycheck according to CareerBuilder, and the majority lack basic financial literacy skills and consumer education. Our program will instruct youth and adults on basic budgeting concepts, consumer practices (understanding interest rates, banking, finances, etc.), savings, and investments to help equip them with knowledge to pursue self-sufficiency and wealth creation.

A number of adults either quit school at an early age or were unable to graduate due to various circumstances. Our G.E.D. program will provide them the opportunity to learn and study for their high school diploma equivalent.

"We believe that if every person is equipped with even the basic knowledge and skills to read English, learn how to manage their finances, and have a high school diploma, it will not only set them up for success, but will also empower them to pursue greater educational opportunities," says the Foundation's President and Founder Leo Pacheco.

The good news about these programs is they will first be offered to families throughout Marion County, Florida, FREE of charge! Enrollment will be required in order to reserve space.

The Foundation intends to expand the programs to other counties at a later date.

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